Why do girls lie about having a boyfriend to a guy they like?

A girl kep chasing me for 4 months - she used to make eye contact with me, chase me in the hallways , always trying to get my attention...
And then she came and sat with me and we exchanged mails...
Now she is telling me she has a boyfriend...
But again she says... "Dont be disappointed im not single, i make a good friend" ,
"I will send you my wedding card, dont be jealous"
If she had a boyfriend,,,, why she kept chasing me?
Why girls pretend to have a boyfriend?
  • Because it looks girls more demanding, and you will like her more... and you will feel jealous.
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  • She really has a boyfriend.
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  • just leave her alone she is trouble. think about it, if you did get her don't you think there is a high probability she would do the same thing that she is doing to you to another guy behind you back. Just avoid her, and if she talks to just give simple answers. Don't act like you care about her, just leave that bitch alone

    • bro, but why the hell she chased me for 4 months?
      i ignored her all along these days... but she still kept chasing me...
      i dont understand if she has a boyfriend why the hell she kept chasing me?

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    • bro... i wana bang her... she is uber hot...
      once i do that... i have no interest in this psycho girl

    • then try to do that

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What Girls Said 1

  • She really has a boyfriend.

    • then why she chased me for 4 months?
      there was no point in all this drama,,, i just dont understand.../

    • I don't know she likes to play games!!

What Guys Said 1

  • Bc she wanna fuck you but not to make you her boyfriend, as she already got the one. probably she would keep you as her asset for situation if you are better than the old one, or she wanna move on...


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