Met a guys friends on second date, and have a strong attraction to one of them... Advice?

I've been out on three dates so far, with a guy I met online. He kissed me after about an hour into the second date, which was surprisingly soon to me. I do like him and feel very comfortable with him though, so I kissed him back briefly. From then on he was very affectionate with me, and was holding my hand, putting his arms around me, kissing my cheek, grabbing my waist, etc. He didn't try to make a move/have sex but he was making lots of physical contact and wanted to kiss a lot. Later on in the evening I met about 5 of his close friends and some acquaintances of his. He was holding my hand in front of them and being affectionate as well. Despite feeling comfortable with him and having a connection, this feels like it is moving too fast. He has been asking to see me nearly every day in between our dates as well. Though I do like him and would like to see what happens, I don't want him to feel as if we are locked into starting a relationship already. To make things more complicated, when I met his friends I felt a strong attraction to one in particular... On the third date we met up with his friends again as well, and the attraction to this friend of his was very strong. They seem to be best friends possibly, but I get the impression that his friend has the same interest as I do. Problem is I met him through I guy I like and just started dating... And this guy has given off the impression that we are way more involved than we are based on the way he shows affection in front of them. I don't want to get more serious with him knowing I'm very interested in his friend, but I also do like him and don't want to stop getting to know him. What can/should I do in this situation to help resolve my feelings?


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  • Date both if they're both interested in you


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