Dating a younger man?

I met this guy a while ago but because he is 8 years younger than me (I am 29 and he is 21) I didn't answer on his calls. we had a nice evening with dance but not a date, cause I refused talking to him. some days ago he called me and I've decided to call him back to see how he is doing.

he seem to be not really bad as I thought he would, through his age. and now I'm thinking that a date, to see how he is, will not kill me, cause I've been attracted to him.

what do you think? could 8 years be too much?

I met the guy and I like him a lot...maybe too much... I'm worried because of this...he is attracting me and he is so sexy...God... I don't know where this will lead...


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  • Eight years is sort of alot. I usually date older girls, I found 3-4 years was alot, eight years would probably totally intimidate me. But it depends on the people, it s probably worth a shot if he called you

    • Thank you guys, both of you. I must admit I'm flattered, because that means I'm attractive because this guy looks really good and he could have all the high school girls he would want to. I am not thinking on something serious. I'm curious about him. that's all. I am curious how he things how he is, because I never dated someone so young.

      I had a boy friend 3 years younger and he was more mature than many 30 years old guys. I can't wait to see how things will be :).

  • I don't believe so, no. Go for it. Even if it is too young you'll be all the more certain next time.


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