What can a extremely shy person to ask a girl out?

Hey, I'm a college student and extremly shy. I never dated someone before but there's a particular girl I'm really into her, which I keep thinking of her everyday.

I've talked a little with her but nothing too personal, I'd really like to give it a chance but I'm too shy to ask her out.

What can I do in this critical situation please?

Thank you


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  • 1. Be confident or act confident
    2. Keep good hygene cologne etc
    3. Dress good
    4. Smile more

    Now go up to her and tell her how beautiful her hands are. Tell her what are doing this weekend if she says she doing nothing. You tell her lets go to the... if she says she'll think about it then give her your #.

    Red flags
    -If she parties too much
    -If she smokes
    -If she has a lot of guy friends
    -If she talks about drama
    -If she causes drama
    -If she has a boyfriend
    -If she dresses slutty

    Rule #1
    Don't ever fall in love. As a human being you were born with a brain. You were never born with an ego. You are in control of what you feel and what you do. Everything has there ups and downs so when life gives you lemons you throw those lemons at a tree. Good luck and much love.


    • I never felt this way, never though of a girl everyday. Maybe she doesn't care at all about me, but I can get rid of that thought I have regarding her.

      Thanks for your advices ! :)

    • And also if she flakes out on you then she isn't worth your time. No problem dude :)

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  • Ask her "would you like to have dinner with me" or whatever you would want to be your first date. Don't say "can we hang out sometime?" Friends "hang out". When you ask "would you like to x-first-date-idea WITH ME", you're making it more personal. You're asking her to do it specifically with you. That's really all there is to it.

    When it's your first time asking a girl out, you'll feel like "Holy Hell, what have I done?" immediately after. You'll feel embarrassed, like you're about to have a heart attack and die and it will feel like for... e... ver between your asking and her response. Even after she offers her response (hopefully in the affirmative), you'll feel very giddy, like a total spaz. You'll feel very excited and stutter when you're talking to anyone after because you're so excited that you asked her out and because she said "yes" (assuming she did). If you've ever had two large cups of coffee within three hours of each other and you haven't drank much water or had much to eat throughout the day - *clears throat* not that I know that from experience or anything *cough* - that's about what it will feel like.

    But it'll be the high point of your entire week. And again, it's that simple. "Would you like to (first date) with me?" That's a very long-winded way of saying "just do it", but that's all there is :-)

    • Thank you for sharing this ! :)

      I hope that I'll have the needed courage to ask out the same way as you stated ;)

  • Ask her for her phone number


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