Do men categorize the opposite sex upon first meeting?

A girlfriend and I are in a bit of a debate. She says that when a guy is first introduced to a woman, by the time a short conversation is over, he has already categorized her into three relationship options; friend, girlfriend material, or potential fling/hookup. Is this true? Do you analyze every girl you meet?

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  • According to a study it takes the human mind 2 secs after meeting someone to udge whether you like them or not. That being said. It is impossible to tell if you are friend, girlfriend or fling upon just meeting you. For me every girl starts in the "fling" catagory, why? because I'm physically attracted to you and that's it, I haven't met you, don't know your interests or personality. Once I get to know you, you might be upgraded to either potential girlfriend or friend. If you are someone I could potentially have a stable relationship with, share common inerests with and have a lot of fun hanging out with then I will ask you out. If I just have fun hanging out with you or share common interests then you are a friend. If I'm not interested in you at all and we do something (likely because I'm drunk) its a fling


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  • I wouldn't say that's how my mind works. It's more a sliding scale for me -- this girl is kinda cute, this girl is really cute, this girl is fantastic. And on the lower end there's stuff like 'this girl is friendly and helpful' or what have you, even if she is not physically attractive to me.

  • This sounds like a mutated offspring of the anecdote according to which a woman decides in the first N number of seconds from meeting a guy whether she wants him to f*** her or just keep him as a friend to milk favors from.

  • i think girls do the same as well


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  • Hmmm, I do not catergorize males in that way. I mostly agree with cjwright79. It's more like, "Oh, he's cute...Ooh, he's gorgeous...Hm, he's nice." So, yeah I'm not thinking about getting with the guy but on instinct I just try to get a "feel" of the person I'm meeting.