More than sex friends?

We ended it about a month ago becasue i told him i liked him and he said he didn't feel teh same. so we decided to be friends. About a month past- and the other night he showed up at my door uninvited at 2am saying he loved me.

obviously we had sex, but for the first time he cuddled me, he kissed me passionately, he stared into my eyes and complimented me.

He says he wants to date- but i need to quit my job because he is my boss. he said he would help me find another better paying job, and listed a couple places he could get me in at.

I really like him and would love to be with him- but is it really worth quitting my job over? Help?


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  • Done be stupid... never leave your job...
    He is just using for sex...

    • He flat out says he wants to date- i dont think that constitutes as using me for sex...

    • why are u asking for opinions when u have already made up your mind that u will get fcked by him...
      and after few days u will cry here asking question that he dumped me...
      he came to your house at 2 am? do u know why?
      answer - because he was feeling horny... so when he feels horny he comes to u...
      if he really wanted to date u... he would have contacted at day time...
      anyways become a sex toy for him and make a fool out of urself,,,,,

    • My question was should i quit my job- so we can date.

      Not is he using me.

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  • You should weigh down your options. If he wants to date you and you're eager to date him as well and he can also find you another job, then what's the issue?


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  • If you like him then yeah, it's I don't see an issue with it.

    • Thanks for being decent to me! :)

      Its a bit complicated since he is my boss...

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