When a girls likes you but picks him... what to do?

OK, so I met a girl hit it off we were inseparable for like two months. We had sex she was hesitant stating she didn't want anything to change. Four days later she texted me saying, "I have to tell you something I like someone else, but I really like you too, and that is what makes this so hard. I do not want this to affect our friendship"
Being the gentleman I am said I respect your desigion, and wished them luck, and siad I was ok wish it. We played a videogame online later that day and I knowing that she was hurting over having to make a desigion I tried to convince her I was OK and that sometimes you just have to let a girl be a girl. Since then she will not play games, or return my texts, but will talk me in person.
Say she really does like me and this other guy how should I react to this. How should I not react. I don't what to lose her friendship and if she really does like me when guy A crushes her I want her to realize her mistake of letting me go.


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  • She doesn't really like you. She wants to keep you around as a confidence boost.


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