Please help, does she like me? What should I do?

This girl and i hit it off, we got close, although we werent a couple, we were dating, i feel as if she's the one, she different from the rest I've dated in the past. We were always friends, it just sort of happen when i started to get feelings for her. She really flirty, but out of all the boys, im the only one who she opened up to and confirm that she liked me back, and that she could see us together, and then one day, the moment felt right, we were sitting down and talking about our relationship, and she says i could see us together, then i asked to make it official, she starts to think then says we should just stop and be friends, and i get confused, cause it was all going so good, we would talk for hours on the phone, and be around each other whenever possible because we were always busy, i didn't take so well, because I became needy and felt desperate, we talk about our relationship, and the more we talked about the more she pushed me away, it went from i still like you to i never liked you, we should just be friends, then her friends find out and tries to help me out, because she is difficult and they say she come around, then she starts to mentioned how she doesn't want a relationship right now, then i see her flirting all heavy with this guy that she told me she doesn't even like, and she does flirt a lot and even admitted it to me, and that she has no feelings for him and they just friends, but with him, he, seems to be my competition, and he's around her a lot more than me, ( alot), in everybody else eyes except for her friends, think that they seem to be a couple or at least dating, but mind you she's never been in a relationship before, i dont believe in astrology, but it she is exactly like her sign, they flirt, have a lot of admirers, and they push off the ones they love, because they are scared of getting hurt, and i can tell she cares about me, my friends say she like me or still has feelings, I don't know i will wait for her cause she is the one, b
I know she has doubts about our relationship


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  • Kamir :) You know her best! If your gut tells you that she has feelings 4 u, then belive it.
    If she wants to be friends, dont get mad.. Be okey with it. Act like your fun self, the guy she liked in the first place. But since she is not giving you want you want, then put her down your priorety list. Stop contacting her. Let her be. Have fun, see other friends, do fun stuff. Its like you telling her "you go and find out what your looking for and be at war with yourself, while il go and have fun". If you ignore her she would start to think where did he go? He always used to text me? Did he move on? is he dating someone else? But this will only work if she still has feelings for you. And if you meet up, always be the best u. Dont mention relationship unless she says something. Hope it helps

    • I left her alone, she texted me the other day, honestly I miss her, but im not gonna bring up the relationship topic until she does

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    • Well how long do i do this for? And i still see her in school, we're all kind of a big group of friends

    • Its a win win situation for you to leave her alone. You either get over her or she will come back. Dont look at it as how many days, but more like im giving you what you are giving me. Half ass questions with half ass answers.. Dont be available for her. She needs to get off her high horse. She knows you like her and that you always will be there. She flirts with others. Start spending time with other girls. Stop missing her. Its not easy i know.

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  • chocolates. thats the answer, you know those ones that look like sea shells? get her some of those. nothing makes a relationship stronger


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