Flirty behaviour or just a joke? Easy Q, will select MHO?

Ok we started of talking about his weight (he's self conscious about it) I reassured him he's not fat. And then our conversation went like this:
Flirty behaviour or just a joke? Easy Q, will select MHO?
Is he flirting or not? What's your take?
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  • He is not flirting
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  • Can't tell either way
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He's the grey.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sorta seemed that way at first, I mean a winky face means something like that usually. He seemed to go back toward the end there but I think it is because he is self conscious, like you said. Do you like him, like do you wish he was flirting?

    • Yeah I thought it seemed like that too, bit flirty but then he seemed to draw back. He's my ex. We ended baldly, but I guess I just wondered if he was flirting or not.

    • Thanks for the MHO, and I hope all worked out for you!

    • Thanks, you're welcome! :)

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