What does it mean if a man cuddles you all night?

My man came over the other day, he said his friend called him an idiot for leaving me a month ago, and cuddled me for 4 hours. and whenever he said he was gonna go, he would turn me around and kiss me and look into my eyes forever and just stayed.

I've never really had this happen before and we've been dating for 6 months.

Does this mean things are getting serious?


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  • Yes, except for the fact that he left you a month ago. Don't lose sight of that fact as you get swept up in all of the nice feelings that you have. Treat that break up as a reset for whatever time line you might use in knowing when a relationship is ready for the next step; i. e., treat this as starting over.

    • I'm not looking super deep into it- just given his general character it was weird. It felt like shit was getting serious and honestly it scared me

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    • Thanks for the comment- we decided to end it because things were getting serious and it was making both of us uncomfortable. But, now I think he is good with it?

    • Good luck! I hope it works well for both of you.

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  • Wait he left you a month ago? It sounds like he's trying to act sweet to distract you from potential anger you might be feeling for him?
    Like I don't know, I don't know him or you but doing stuff like that sounds a bit forced like I can't think of a situation where that's normal.

    • Naw, at the base we were pretty much bffs and went back to being that.

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  • Mhmm it feels like he has strong feelings for you, or he's starting to get strong feelings for you. He really enjoys you, and not just sexually, which is a good sign.
    Like the other guy said, lets see if he keeps doing that, or similar stuff, cause one time means nothing if he never does it again.

  • consistency is how people define themselves.

    1 time is just 1 time. but hey, gotta start at 1 to get to 141251251

    • I agree! It was just kind of weird, he's not a super affectionate guy. I had no idea wtf was going on

    • heh. abrupt.

      you'll be all right.

  • He like you enjoy every second

  • It means he's SUPER GAY


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