Girls, what do you think if I ask her friend about her?

As title states, should i ask her female friend/colleague about her? Eg:" is your friend single?"
Incase she's in a relationship, I'll save us both the hassle and not actually approach the one i like..
How do girls feel about this?


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  • I suppose, but I'd just ask the girl directly. It gives her an inkling that you like her, if your friend tells her then they'll discuss you afterwards... Who wants her opinion influenced by her friend? Especially if she's never considered you romantically before, do you want the first time you considers you that way to have her friend put her off the idea?
    Or her friend might be protective and say she does have a boyfriend to make you back off. And then you bring a third person into this who really doesn't need to be there.

    One of my motto's is only take it from the horse's mouth. Bringing other people into situations just causes trouble.
    Ask her yourself :)

    • I absolutely hear what your saying, and trust me I've been meaning to catch her for smoke breaks but i haven't been able to see her for the past 2-3 weeks when i used to see her 1-2 times per week before that.
      However, i see her female colleague regularly go down for smoke breaks, hence why im asking should i just ask her friend..

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    • Reach out to her more once i find out she's single. Otherwise if she's taken, i won't do anything and leave her in peace.

    • @asker give it another week of seriously trying to just have a chat with her. If it really seems like you're not going to be able to then ask her friend as a last resort... I just don't like the idea of her friend influencing her decision. Whatever she says could have an effect on the woman you likes impression of you...

  • Sure you can, but you have to be aware that she will definitely tell that

    • Yea ofcourse, it could work both ways, she's single and is interested or she has a boyfriend / not interested...

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