He's a jerk but I can't forget him?

He's constantly in my mind. Since October last year. Almost all of my friends say he did some bad things, including to me, he put a bet on me, but I rejected him before something could happen (I don't know why). But I can't forget him, there's an unusual connection and never found myself feeling so attracted to a guy before. I am contradcting myself, I know I should give up, but I don't want to. I am stupid for feeling this, I don't know what to do.


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  • You do know what to do. You just have to grove some ovaries, woman up and dump him. Stop using bullshit excuses. How old are you? 13?


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  • You aren't stupid, maybe a little naive for being attracted to guy who has show what his potential would be if you dated him.

    Just be thankful that you discovered what he is like and you rejected him. If you hadn't of and you had dated him... your question on here would be so much different. You would be asking :." How do I get over the hurt caused by a guy who played me for a fool"

    A person's actions will tell you all you need to know... characterise a person by their actions. His behaviour says a lot about his character. Focus your mind on other things , because he Ian't worth a second though t

    • Thank you for all your advices! :)

    • Ian't**

      You are welcome!! 💐

      You were wise to reject him💚😊 xx

    • Yeah, I regretted after but maybe because I missed to know him better. But everything happens for a reason. ☺

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  • It's always the fucking worst when it's the cocksuckers who get under your skin.

    • I know, right? I hope they will meet a girl who will play with them and give them the treatment they deserve lol.

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