She doesn't think she deserves someone like me?

So Im in a bit of a predictiment, I met this girl early September in class at community college, and long story short I started to get attached to her. She's showed me signs of interest early on, and in fact as we got to know each other better she told me she liked me. She would always tell me im the most genuine guy she's ever met, and how happy she is someone like me came into her life, and so forth. But it seems every time I tried to get her out on a date (I asked her out 5 times) everything would go great until the day of the actual date, she would always have an excuse last minute. Now given she has a history of anxiety / stress, that had only gotten worse because of the emotional abuse she suffered from her ex. I eventually confessed my feelings to her saying I liked her, and wanted to get to know her on a more personal level. She kindly rejected saying that she wasn't ready for a relationship yet, she doesn't feel like she can have a stable connection with someone right now due to her trying to figure out her life and because she doesn't feel like she deserves to be in a relationship with someone like me. From what I've heard she has grown feelings for me but throws them away whenever she can, she's essentially afraid to be in a relationship. My question is how should I go about this? Lately I've been slowly moving on with my life, and becoming less available, and I think she has taken notice, telling me she wants us to talk to each other more frequently. The only reason I've been distancing myself is to avoid getting hurt / because people keep telling me not to bother with her. But I in fact do like her, I know I can be better than any of her previous boyfriends and show her what's its really like to be in a relationship. I want to have a relationship with her, I want her to be able to realize that what happened to her is in the past, and It won't happen to her again, that she's worth so much more than she seems to believe. That she deserves to be happy.


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  • didn't even read it she just wants you to feel happy or sthn

  • She's appealing to your ego to take the easy way out.


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