Forbidden fruit?

I hang out with girl every week. me and this girl were were watching an Adverstisment and a women was promoting product , she asked me do you find the girl promoting to be pretty. I answered she is pretty but not my type. se said to me whats your type then?

I confessed to this girl that he likes her but she told Y that she is in relationship and she considers me as a friend and trust me it is better for all of us but she still wanna hangout and she really enjoys the time we spend together. and she says she loves to hangout with me

the girl is a in long distance relationship with guy and she told me that she is constantly fighting with her boyfriend and she hates the diatance and she can’t cope with distance. she says that she didn’t talk to her boyfriend for a week and she doesn’t like to talk to him. she told me how they met and how their relationship is serious and she told me when a guy tells me he likes me I can't say that i like him too even though i truly like him. she says she wants to see her relationship come to a happy ending. when I this girl asked do you think that your boyfriend mean a lot to you that you wanna sacrifice all these years. she says i dont know. I told her that you are not in black or white you are in grey area and she said yeah you are right

yesterday she asked me at the end of the hangout did you have fun i was like yeah and she was like I had fun too.

she changed her number today and she sent me a message of her new number

today we hanged out and I was commenting on how two couples look miserable together and she said "looks are decieving and you may think some couples are great but it is the complete opposite they are always fighting, even when you are with someone you are always looking for your soul mate and true love. you may be in one country and the other is in another country and they meet one day"

NOTE : me and this girl were living in the same country Z ( childhood friend not very close at all ). I left country Z and moved to country Y 15 years ago and I haven't seen her since then. recently she moved to where I live country Y and this is how we met.

at the end of the hangout she said thank you I had fun. she left the car and then she walked a bit she looked back and waved and smiled at me then continued to walk.

is she intersted?


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