Is this weird to do on facebook?

Hey just wondering if its weird for a guy to comment on a girls post on their friends list that you haven't talked to in a long time. I saw this girl at a party last Halloween and haven't talked to her b4 that in years.

Would it be weird to comment on her posts? Kind of a dumb question i know but i dont want to seem like a weirdo lol.



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  • No, that is normal.


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  • I'd comment on it and then just chat with her after, since it's been a while
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    • Even if its not to really chat its just to say something? The post was that all the cute guys are taken. I just wanted to put not true, something simple as that. Is that weird? Kinda dumb i know but maybe it could start a conversation or something.

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    • I actually dated this girl back in middle school a loong time ago lol if that helps.

    • just talk to her xD

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