Why didn't this guy respond to message if he was the one to ask me to dinner?

I've seen this guy twice, just hanging out as friends but we are both attracted to each other I am sure. A few days ago he said we should get dinner this week or weekend. He is super friendly to me all the time. I messaged him and asked what day and he opened but never responded to it.

Do you think he still will? Why didn't he respond if he asked me?
I sent it last night
Still no word... Anyone any advice?


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  • How long has it been since he hasn't responded? Give it a day or 2 days before you start panicking... He could just be busy

    • I sent it last night

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    • Okay. Thanks! I keep going back and forth between "I should send another because maybe he thinks I only view him as a friend & if I appeared more flirty and gave him attention he would get the hint." And the other half is like " if he liked you, he would message you.. he isn't lame, he has every ability to respond..."

      So I may not end up doing anything just because I'm sure I'll see him again and whatever happens happens..

    • @asker yeah I completely agree, if a guy wants to talk to you he WILL talk to you, the lack of motivation seems like lack of desire :/

  • how long ago does he read the message?

    • Last night when I sent it

    • Mmm maybe he is busy or he forgot it. It was not so much time ago so I will give him more time. He is going to reply because it was his idea to have dinner with you.

    • Okay, i sure hope so because it's kinda rude in my opinion. I thought maybe I seemed to ansy and it was a turn off?

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