Is there a certain type of white woman that black men like?

Okay, so I'm not trying to be racist and this obviously doesn't apply to EVERY white woman or EVERY black man, but I was just curious if there are black men who have a preference in a certain kind of white woman. Just based off of looks, not personality. I've noticed I get hit on by a lot of black men. Sometimes I feel like it might be because I find black men very attractive and maybe I give off a vibe or something? Anyway, I'm Italian, 5'7" 165, small chest, big trunk. Dark hair, Dark eyes. Olive skin.
It's probably more coincidence than anything, but it would be interesting if there was a common trend.


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  • You are their type , they like big butts more than chest and your not pale, I see them with heavier set white women quite often


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  • it seems fatter white women. usually.


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