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Ok so a few days ago a girl on a dating site starting sending me messages so we started to talk on there for a few days and told me I was pretty cute not sure what she meant by that but then yesterday I asked for her number and she told me to give her mine so I did then we texted for a little bit then today I tried to get her into a convo by asking if she felt the earthquake last night and all she said was I did

So I have a few questions firstly what does "pretty cute" mean? Secondly what are some ways to get her to start a convo with me? Third do you think I might have a shot with this girl? Fourth am I obsessing over all or this?


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  • She's is just saying your cute & she's interested. Just ask her general questions, like how are u, what u been up to, if she mentions school or work, ask her where do u work or what she's majoring in. Just ask her General questions and things about her, so u will get to know her better. :) u might be obsessing a little but I understand why it's new and ur interested in her. :)


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  • Meet up in person already !!! Your fine mate


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