Am I Wrong To Feel Like This?

I'm considered beautiful and kind and intelligent by most people yet rarely get approached by decent men... just creeps. In the past I was nearly sexually attacked and recently I seem to attract men with kids even though I'm single no kids and would never date a man with kids as I'd prefer my own. I like a guy who has a son.. but I won't date him and he is besotted with me. I feel like I'm 2nd best and most of these men chased after easy cheap women and had kids etc now seem to chase me... am I just 2nd best to them? Why don't they just date women with kids? I feel upset sometimes...


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  • The solution when you only get approached by creeps or guys with kids is to do the choosing and approaching yourself. This way you can go after the guys you actually want instead of waiting for those who never seems to come to you.

    • I have approached guys I like in the past and they seem to date only easy women too. Maybe my choice in men is wrong?

    • Most guys have to approach literally hundreds of girls during their lifetime to find "the one". Since most of the times they get rejected and need to keep searching. The dating game is not easy.

      I don't know what kind of man you are looking for. It can be quite hard to find what we are looking for unless it's only superficial traits you are looking for, that I assume not.

      Step one would be to define what you want and then place yourself in situations and locations where it's likely that kind of man would be.

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