I got the #blues guy friend stops talking to me? Should I just give up?

So I have this guy friend who I met t work known each other for two years. We both were in relationships and talk bout everything with each other. Great friends who definitely had chemistry but we maintained the boundaries. But if the timing was ever right I believe he is the one. Anyway. My relationship ended and so did his. We went out with some friends me we dance with each other all night. It was amazing and people thought we were. Item. ... Few days later he started distancing himself from me at work nd eventually stopped speaking but will talk to everyone else. I asked him on multiple occasions how is he is there anything I can? do you seem down lately ( I found out he reconciled with ex) but in my mind that's okay because I respect him and his relationship. I can still be his friend... So my last effort was to pull him aside and ask directly have I done anything? He says no we are good and friends. Everything seems cool but he still continues to be distant... I'm hurt and confused.. I'm also giving him space but maybe it's just almost cost


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  • There's a great new vibe out for afternoons or evenings like that. It, costs $250 but I bet it will be, in next issue of Cosmo


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