If you get rejected by a damaged girl?

are you pretty much undateable i have tried average to hot and have seen no success and not girls with major issues are even rejecting me


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  • what in god's creation is a damaged girl? is she missing an elbow or something?


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  • There's no such thing as undateable. There's just guys who haven't learned the social skills to seduce the women they want... or guys who don't even try.

    If you're trying then you're already on the right track. The mistake you're making is thinking that you're the measure of the women you date. This is fallacy we learn in high school... it's a horrible way to live, always needing other people to approve of us based on who we know, or what we wear, or who we date. So I suggest you let go of needing other peoples approval, including the women you're chasing.

    Approaching women is a skill that can be learned. And requires practice. Success doesn't happen by accident.

    The goal should never be to "get a girlfriend" or "get her number" ... because that'll make you nervous and needy. Instead your goal should be to gain social skills and experience by simply talking to more and more women.

    Being able to make conversation, without being creepy or awkward, is what will make you good with women. So start with that.

    I spent months and month talking with random people (men and women) while I was out shopping, or in school, or ordering pizza on the phone. I would basically make short and easy conversations with them, like "do you have the time" or "do you know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes? I'm very confused..." or "do these shoes go with this belt?" I did this to become calm and comfortable talking with people.

    I suggest you google "attraction skills" and "social skills" and you'll see how easy it is to meet women.

    Stay optimistic!!!

    ~ Robby

    • dude a damaged girl should be easier not harder like if i can't get a girl thats damaged who can i get realistically

    • Well there's no such thing as a damaged girl.. and if there was why would she be easier? Damaged implies she's going to react differently than someone who's healthy and happy.

  • Damaged Girl? meaning a woman who has had a bad past? a broken state of mind?

    • correct

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    • dude its hard seeing couples i never have had a girlfriend before i never kissed a girl or held hands with one

    • Yes, I know it's hard, I can understand your situation. I was just expressing myself that's all

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