I like him, and I think he likes me back, but Im afraid about catching feelings becaus I'm moving this summer. What should I do?

Im talking to this guy I like, and he seems interested in me, texts me back asap, constantly teasing/flirting. But im really nervous about pursuing a relationship because I am moving. I'm afraid to continue texting him for somehting that will end in a few months (let's be honest, high school long distance relationships are highly likely to fail). I don't want to end up catching feelings and then be like "nope sorry, I can't, moving this summer" (joys of being a military brat). Should I just stop texting him and avoid him all together or throw caution to the wind? (HS junior)


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  • Don't just drop him. It's always better to explain what's going on, who knows maybe he would be willing to continue talking to you even after you move away? Even if if it's just as friends no harm will be done. And don't be afraid to fall for him, if it happens it happens you know? Good luck! -xx

  • Not get involved! lol


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