Girls, Is it possible to find someone to date if you stop looking? or do you have to keep trying?

I've been trying for a while. I've learned how to approach women very well and how to proceed from there. For a while I was doing it all wrong but then I learned some more. Just recently, I learned that after getting a girl's phone number I should actually call and not text (It's more serious). I'm not desperate or on a hunt for a girl, I just need to know if I should stop looking. Will I find someone special to go out with if I put effort in? My friend told me "if you just go out looking, you'll end up being disappointed"

What do you think I should do? Take a break? or keep trying?


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  • If you're trying usually you will never find someone who you like / likes you but then when you stop trying everyone just seems to want to be with you.

    • Thank you very much! I'll give that a shot :)

    • But dont try to not look for relationships. Tried that didn't work. You gotta keep yourself busy so that you dont think about finding someone, that's usually when it happens. When you're fcking busy and ain't got no time for relationships😭

    • Any suggestions? Like join a club or something? I'm in college

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