Taken guy worth the competition or not?

So this guy, and I talked we flirted met once. Than I went to mex I came back, and he now has a girlfriend. He hmu asking why I no longer talked to him, but it's more than obvious why than he made up some shit about she was talking to this other guy, if we hang out more maybe I could leave her for you. I was like nah I'm good, and yesterday night he was outside my house I didn't go he called, and called but i did not go he said he'd be back on the weekend what should i do?


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  • He sounds like a downright disloyal scumbag. Tell him to piss off the next time he bothers you. The real victim here is that other girl.


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  • Tell him not to bother to come back at anytime because he is not welcome in your life.
    You don't want to get yourself involved with a liar like this guy seems to be, will just make your life unecessarily complicated and messy.


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  • Ignore him if you don't want to talk to him. Or clearly tell him you're not interested.


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