Would you date a single parent?

So this girl I started seeing a few weeks ago that I met off tinder has 2 kids. She's very physically attractive and we have a lot in common and while I prefer her to not have kids, I'm not holding it against her.

A lot of people tell me that I shouldn't date a girl with kids but I don't mind her having kids as long as she's a good mother, doesn't expect to raise the kids as I'm only 25, and doesn't have any baby daddy drama. Fortunately or unfortunately, she has sole custody. My only problem is she works a lot and lives far away on top of raising her kids.

Now 5 years ago I definitely would have considered kids a dealbreaker but I'm more open, depending on the situation of course. It's just been unfortunate because a lot of the girls I've dated are attractive but are hard to talk to or they're nice and easy to talk to but I have no physical attraction.

What are your thoughts?


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  • i a future yes but right now im 24 and i dont think im mature enough for having kids or raising kids because the person i would date/marry will be my priority and i would give my everything to him and if he has kids i would live them a lot and try to be like a mom when their biological mom is not around surrounding them with love and giving them good examples especially if the live with us but for now im not ready for it.


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  • If you can love those kids like your own, then it's no problem. But if you see children as a burden then it's probably not going to work out. She's going to pick her kids over a guy.
    I could date a guy with kids in the future. I adore children.

  • I have a daughter of my own. I used to find it quite hard to get back into the dating world. Incase I found someone I like and they won't want to be with me because of my daughter. But then I came to realise if they want to be in my life it shouldn't matter. We are a package. And they should be very honoured that I would want to welcome them into mine and my daughters life. What I'm trying to get at here. Is look at the bigger picture. And if you like this girl and could see a future with her. You shouldn't have to question it because she has children. Whats for you won't go by you!

  • "Don't do it she got two kids!!"

    • Right but what if she just had one? Would that make any difference?

    • lol I was just joking buddy. I was quoting a movie. But honestly if you're that into her, go for it! Just keep in mind that her kids will also be affected by whatever relationship blossoms between you two

    • I'm also assuming that her children are her number one priority (as it should be) but you need to be prepared to deal with that as well. It won't be all about you and her

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