Do I have a chance with my ex?

So anyways I can honestly say that I loved him, but ever since we broke up, he's changed (his clothes, attitude, friends, etc.) and I'm not sure he's the same guy that I fell in love with, but how do I convince my heart that? I still see the same face that use to text me " Gnight beautiful" every single time I look at him. I don't know how to forget the past, so I want to go back to when we were together, but I don't think that's healthy so I guess my real question is: how do I forget who he use to be and focus on who he is now?


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  • For 15 you seem pretty wise, knowing that you can't recreate what you had with this guy back then. I don't know exactly how go about forgetting who he used to be, and I don't think that is really how you have to approach it.
    You can remember the good times, remember who he used to be and what you used to have, but put it in context... Obviously you're both at an age where you're growing and changing a lot, figuring out who you are and what your likes/dislikes are. It's natural that people change and evolve... That's what happens when you're 15. You had something good, and there's plenty more good out there to be had. Be grateful for the good times you had with him, and focus on the fact that you can get that feeling again, because there's someone out there who IS the right guy for you NOW rather than in the past.

    I dunno if that helps, but good luck!


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  • Remind yourself of the present, and who he is now. Try to let go of the idea of who you used to love, because that isn't who he is now.


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  • That's the grand question. Keep telling yourself why the relationship ended. Most likely because as it went on, one or both of you realized you weren't compatible. You can still love someone but realize it can go nowhere. I still love my ex, though not in that romantic "in love" way. I love her for the good person she is/was and the person she helped me be today. I miss it too sometimes, even though my current girlfriend is 90% more compatible with me than she ever was. Life is about experiences. We all will love many different people for many different reasons. The real pain is only thinking about the good times. Try to also remember the bad times, because that's where you rationally realize what's healthy. I love that you self identified the habit of thinking back on your good times as not healthy. You are one of few who can consciously conclude that.


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