Guys, How Do I Let a Guy Know I Like Him Back?

We're high school students. We sit together in classes, walk together, have gone to some events together as a group, and he has admitted to liking me in some classic T or D. But I've missed some opportunities to tell him I feel the same. How can I do this? What kinds of hints do guys pick up on? How can I get him towards a move if I don't feel comfortable making one?


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  • Drop hints about things you'd like to do... Maybe it's a new movie you really are excited for but none of your friends want to go with you? (leaving him an easy opportunity to say "Oh, I'll go with you!"
    Maybe there's a restaurant or cafe you've heard about or someone told you to check out but you haven't had had a chance to go yet?
    (leaving him an easy opportunity to ask you if you'd like to go there with him)
    Or you could do something nice for him that lets him know you've been paying close attention and remember little details, more than just a casual friend would? Nothing fancy, but if you heard him say that he loves caramel popcorn a few months ago when hanging out as a group, and you bring him a bag of caramel popcorn at school, he'll probably notice that you're interested enough to think of him and know little things like that, AND, human nature is to reciprocate... maybe ask you out to do something fun that you like (favorite food, music, movie, etc.)

    Just a few ideas... Good luck!


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