How to get a girl out of the friendzone?

Anyone have tips on getting a girl out of the friendzone? I manage to do this too much


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  • Sadly, once there, you are there. Period. End of story. If she wanted you out of there, she would have done so.

    Now if she is an interesting enough person to keep as a female friend, you can always use her as a "sounding board" to ask her questions about other girls you meet. Or just learn from her what you can. I have learned a lot from female friends in my life. But don't do anything foolish that ruins the friendship after that.

    • hahaha fair enough I knew a girl, and she friendzone me then I asked her out it did not go well, so I just could not just stay her friend and stopped talking to her and she confessed to me that she started liked me, but when we started talking again it all faded

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