My boyfriend is always asking me to do things for him. But maybe I'm mistaking him just wanting help as him being lazy. I'll give examples. Let me no?

Sometimes he asks me to take off his socks when he's just laying there. Lol knowing he can take them off himself.

When we r showering he loves for me to wash him up.

He he also like when we finish showering that I dry his balls and rub cream all over him lol.

When we r in the kitchen he tell me pass him this and pass him that all the time. When he can get it himself.
Why do you guys do this? I'm making it a big deal cus I never ask him to do any of those little things for me I like doing them to myself. What does this post sound like to u? Lazy? Or just likes my touch? Lol


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  • I think its because you let him and you do it for him, but he wants you to I suppose. Like the socks thing I don't get, but I understand showering and moisturizing. It's like he's a child haha

    • Yea. Lol I think ur right. He likes to be babied. He has a very manly job so when he comes home maybe he just wants to b babied lol

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  • I dont do that shit. Sounds like he just likes someone waiting on him. I ask my girlfriend for stuff every now and then, but never to be my maid. It sounds like maybe his mom pampered him a bit, and he's used to the female figure in his life doing those little errands. If you dont like it I'd nip that shit in the bud ASAP. You're not a maid.

    • Lol I think he just likes for me to treat him like a baby

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    • I 100% guarantee if the reason is laziness he will not confess that to you lol

    • Hahaha lmao. So tru. So I'll just do these things s50% of the time he asks. I will make him miss being catered to. But I like to make him happy to so... Just sometimes he'll be my little baby lol

  • maybe a little lazy about the socks and dishes. but i do the same thing with my girlfriend while in the shower. it is nice when she is rubbing my all over

  • If you touch him in the course of doing those things, well, that does make sense, as your picture is charming.

  • do he asks for erect his.. for Pierce.. for jump / take up... then clean his dick... a sleep poem / song..
    what's going on

    is he wipe his asshole himself or?

  • He is so lazy, try not to do what he wants. Tell him do that yourself


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