Should I be patient or rush?

Hey there !

There's a girl in my university, more precisely in my math class that I'm attracted to, and this happenned recently.
Since the first time I've talked to her which is 3 days ago, I've been really thinking of her.

However, I've talked to her only twice in class so far, do you think that I should be patient or should I move things?

Kindly tell me what you really think, because right know I don't know what to do.

Thank you ! :)


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  • Try to talk to her a little more, be yourself

    • Thanks for your reply. This is what I'm trying to do :)

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  • If you're on speaking terms with her, even if your conversations are about school only, you can ask her to study or work on an assignment together on campus. If she says "Yes", just grab a room in the library and chat while you do the homework. Good way to become more friendly and keep on top of your work.

    • Thank you for your reply. I've tried that last time since we had an exam, and she told me that she was planning to go home in order to study for this exam and another one she had.

      One question if you don't mind of course, she usually sits in math class next to one of her usual classmates I guess. Do you think that I should ask her to sit next to me or shouldn't I do that?

      Hoping to get a reply :)

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    • This is, of course, once you've talked to each other a few times. It is a good indication if she has initiated the conversation in the past.

    • Thanks for your answer ! :)

      I'll try to ask her, maybe it will give me a boost in my self-esteem aswell. Hoping that it works aswell as it seems to have worked with you. ;)

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  • just talk to her and stop being shy !

    • Thank you for your reply, now I've talked to her and she told me that she was already taken. Bad luck for me lol.

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    • there you are I've just answered you :p

    • Thank you for your answer ! I really appreciate it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude just tell her you like her and then say even if u dont like me, we can still be friends...
    coz if u wait too long, some other guy may come and he will steal her with his charm..
    it has already happend with me...
    dont freakin wait... just tell her how u feel...

    • As being a really shy person, it is hard for me to tell such a thing to a girl I'm attracted unfortunately. It is out of my control

    • I was like u... and i missed so many chances coz i was shy too...
      and then i started dating a girl... do u know how?
      she was friends with a guy who everyone thought is her boyfriend... i just went to her and i said "hey, i like you"
      she started observing me more and after few days,,,, she came up to me and asked for a date...
      do u see?, i exchanged places... i became that guy who steals girls from guy friends...
      become that guy or keep crying/.. life is too cruel...
      if u can't go for what u want/... someone else will...

    • Well, for the time being I hardly believe that I'll be able to do such a thing. I really hope that I'll get at one point this courage, to stand up and say what comes to my mind.

      Right now, I'll stay on the safe side.

      Thank you for sharing your story :)

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