Guys, What does it mean if a guy texts me all day long (every day) and replies within a minute or 2 to every text I send him?

We've been on 2 dates (haven't kissed) but have been in contact for about 3 weeks (we met online).


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  • He needs a job, too much time on his hands lol. He should be playing harder to get and make you sweat a little hehe.

    • He has a job but works evenings usually when I'm sleeping lol

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    • Well its obvious that he is really liking u at the moment. Probably bursting with joy at every text. You should tease him and tell him you think he replies too quick, tell him you don't like it, as it doesn't give you enough time to text your other guy friends in between lmao he'll probably call u straight up in a panic and you can say you were only joking and ask him to take you out again you just wanted to see if he got jealous and liked you.

    • @timmy111 it is catchy isn't it lmao :-D

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  • He is interested in u and wants to have something with u

  • He is super duper into you.


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