Can guys fall in love?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 months now and neither of us have said we love the other. I dont know if i love him. How do you know if you love someone? How do i know if he loves me? Are guys even capable of love? We are both 18 and in our last year of highschool.


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  • "How do you know if HE loves me?" Simple, ask him, im sure its not that awkward since your both going out + he might just be shy.

    "How do you know if YOU love someone?" You get that buzz around them, hard to explain, if you were a boy i would just tell you that boner = love.

    ask yourself, do i care for this person?
    the only person in the world who knows you the best is yourself.


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  • Yes, guys can fall in love (obviously?). It's okay to not know if you love someone yet. You'll know you love someone when you feel it. Trust me.


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