Have you just started dating someone only to find out you really had a crush on their friend instead? What did you do?

I went out on two dates with a guy I met online, before I met his friends. I unexpectedly happen to have a strong attraction to one of the friends, more so than the guy I went on the date with to begin with. The friend and I haven't talked much one on one but I get the impression that he is attracted to me as well. What can I do about being attracted to his friend? We only went on three dates total so it's not serious yet but it's hard to imagine a way to handle feeling attracted to both him and his friend.


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  • Dump the guy and go with his friend...
    Now, u will meet friends of the new guy as well... so will u dump that guy too?
    Think logically... u will meet many attractive guys with whom u will feel chemistry but that doesn't mean to break the current relation...
    anyways... final decision depends on u...

    • I know I will meet other attractive guys but it wasn't just his looks. Looks wise I like the guy I was on a date with more, but with this guy I had an attraction to his personality more than his looks, right away. I only went on three dates with the guy and hardly know him... So I was wondering if it was early enough in dating where I could apologize and admit I was feeling an attraction to his friend and didn't feel right to continue with him because of it.

    • It depends on u...
      but does that guy has attraction for u or not?
      u have to first look at that too...

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  • Sounds like a bad situation to be in. The guy you're dating will be hurt and he'll probably be very bitter towards you and his friend if anything happens. So if you're ready for some crazy drama, you could just break the news to the guy you're dating and ask out his friend instead. If you don't want any drama, then you're better off just rejecting the guy and moving on to someone entirely new.


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