Can someone explain this dude's behavior? He shows interest but then retracts? Unless I'm misreading it all?

We've known each other for about a month. We started as friends but it was clear it wasn't friend/friend.. I think he knew I was crushing on him because of how we met, and I know he finds me attractive based on certain things. Plus, I know I'm a pretty person. I usually can get any guy... But this guy, he will be initiative and receptive... And then won't.. Like he will iniate things in person, asking me to coffee, or two days ago he asked me to dinner, and I agreed but we didn't set on a day. He said this week or weekend. So I messaged him late last night after seeing him briefly, in which he waved enthusiastically at me and was joking around with me about something... So I asked him when he would like to have dinner... And he opened the message & never responded and it's been 24 hours. I don't get it because he was the one that suggested dinner. Yet, I feel as if he is into me more than friends because his friend remarked he felt like a third wheel when we were together, or like his body language seems more than friends. I know he is busy with school and is in a band... But couldn't he at least respond? Even if he didn't know.. Couldn't he say he would get back to me if he was interested? Do I just ignore him now?
Still haven't heard from him :(


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  • You're misreading.

  • it sounds like he definitely likes you. why don't you just call him?

    • Why wouldn't he respond to a day to have dinner?

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    • maybe he doesn't go on fb that often? ask him for his number, now.

    • I see he goes on frequently

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