A tad confused here?

We were seeing each other for about 2 months before he went off to school for 3, and he wanted to continue seeing me when he got back. Before he left he told me how much he liked me and so on, but after that first month all we really do now is hang out at my house and watch movies the entire day. He's pretty passive and both of us were screwed over in our last relationships, and does bring up exes in conversation. Sex is nonexistent, even though we initially tried way back when... so we usually just fool around lightly and he stops it there. He remembers every little thing I say and keeps in constant contact.. but I have zero dating experience and don't know how to handle the sex thing.. or what to think of this in general. We usually see each other 2×/week for 6+ hours at a time, and he lives about 50 minutes away.


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  • Look it appears as if the guy is unsure of what he wants! It's up to u if u decide I stay.


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