I've been with this amazing girl for over a year now and she's mt first love. she's honestly perfect in every way... but that's kinda the problem?

i finished school shortly after meeting her and i've had a job for a week and that was months ago. i fucked up my shoulder in an accident and couldn't get work because of it and when i finished my rehab it'd already been a year later and now no one will even interview me. her birthday is coming up and i can't afford to take her out let alone get her anything. my family seems to hate her and I don't know why? she's beautiful and smart and she always knows how to make me smile no matter what, no matter how sad i am, no matter how much i might push her away because i know she deserves better. but most of all... i know i love her because she know exactly how i work. she truly gets me and always knows how to get to me. i can;'t imagine life without her. i know i should let her go tho. i know she needs to be with someone who can support her and make her happier than i can. but there's one more problem. she suffers from depression and i couldnt put her through that and i and can't make her waist her life on me. she could do so much better, be so much better. i really do hold her down. she says i make her happy but i can't believe it, it's because she says i make her happy that i never told her that i have depression too and for a while i learnt to ignore my feeling and she made me feel something again and when i'm with her i truly am happy. i don't give a fuck about anything other than seeing her smile. so basically i was looking for advice, i've never opened up to anyone before and i still don't feel comfortable talking to someone face to face so i came here. should i be selfish and make myself happy and try to convince myself that she's happy too or should i let her go so she can find true happiness in the arms of someone who deserves her (not that he could exist) and let her live her days without me dragging her down.
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  • Dude keep her she loves you. Dont worry about not having work, you will get there, she obviously isn't judging you on it. She knows its tricky for you but is happy to support you!

  • You're so dramatic. She's with you buy choice doofus.


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