Girls, She plans but then cancels & plans again #repeat?

So I've met this girl 3 times before. I feel lshe likes me, now she asked me out, then cancels but asks out for next week, cancels & asks me to go somewhere (so i ask her when she's free).

do i have to worry about her cancelling? i mean, she's rearranging.. i know, if she doesn't wanna meet me, she would tell me.


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  • Maybe she's one of those girls who just likes to play games and drag guys along, lead them on with no real intention to get together with them. :/ I think you need to set an ultimatum - ask her out again and tell her if she cancels AGAIN, it's over for good and you're not interested anymore. You can't let her do that forever, right?
    Good luck!

    • I'm 99% sure she doesn't do that. When she cancels i'll just tell her she can hit me up when she's free and go on. :)

      Another question, she hates texting (phone in general) & sometime sshe reads a message, writes an answer, forgets to send it (even saw her doing that when she answered a friend of hers when we were on her phone)? Should i tell her she hasn't answered or what.. :'D else it takes up so much time because she isn't on her phone lol

    • Then why does she cancel all the time?

      Lol, she seems like a corgi. 😂 You should point out that she forgets to answer.

    • sorry. a corgi? :D

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