Spent the night with this guy I've been casually seeing for about 3 months last evening, his cat pissed on me! Why?

Better question when I woke up and told him his cat had pissed on the bed like right next to/ontop of me he bassicly suggested I had done it, rolled over and went back to sleep! I had to go to work so i got dressed and left... should I even bother if/when he tried to apologizes and talk to me?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe he was tired?

    People tell me things when I'm half asleep and a roll back over and go back to sleep without completely recalling what I said.

    • Think he beat off on her?

    • @Theshaft169 I woke up to the cat peeing right next to me. It was definitely the cat. not him. thanks -_-

Most Helpful Girl

  • either the cat doesn't like you or its a territorial thing. I'd talk to him about it.

    • its not the fact that the cat did it. But when I woke him up to tell him and "talk to him" he basically said his cat didn't do it and suggested I had... not ok in my book. but I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt since he was "sleeping"

    • maybe he was a alittle disoriented from waking up.

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  • Umm the cat didn't piss on you. He jacked off on you while you were sleeping. That's why he was quick to ignore what u said.
    Unless you saw the cat piss on you.

    Did u fuk the night b4 ?

  • Hahaha because its a cat! But yeah he could have been more sympathetic towards you about it. That just sucks!

  • why would this stop you from seeing him again. its a cat my cats pissed on me before.

    • its not the fact that his cat pissed on the bed... it's the fact that he basically suggested his cat didn't do it that I had I told him it had happened.

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    • like i said i have conversations in my sleep. i dont know i talk in my sleep women tell me that i talk to them in my sleep and they figure out im sleeping when i change subjects every twenty seconds or so.

    • He was trying to say it was him with out saying that. He jetked off on you as u slept I think. Did you notice your panties down a little ir anything odd?

  • Markin' them hoes.


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