If a girl's leg touches a guys in class and she doesn't pull it away, is that a sign of physical attraction?

I sit next to a girl at a table in one of my classes, and we talk every time we see each other before class. The other day her leg accidently came to rest where it was touching mine, but rather than move it, she left it there so that our legs were touching. Neither one of us moved for a long time and I could almost feel the electricity flowing between us. We both froze and hardly moved until the class was over. I would think that most girls wouldn't let their legs touch a guy's for that long unless she felt really open towards him.


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  • she might not have known it was your leg... :p like, she might have thought it was one of the legs of the table. but who knows... maybe she likes you

    • LOL i didn't even think about that.

    • :p i wouldn't cancel out the other possibility though. i know exactly what you mean about the electricity flowing in between you two. she might have felt it too.

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