I'm only attracted to military men?

I know that it shouldn't matter what a persons job is, but I don't know what's wrong with me... Is this just a phase I'm going through or what? Am I the wrong for thinking this way?

I just admire everything men in the military do for us. Its so attractive to me, and I feel really weird saying this but its true. I want a man in the military, but I am definitely not a tag chaser. I could care less about the benefits. I don't have much expirence with relationships because I have just started to date. I just want to get advice and see others opinions on if I'm wrong for thinking this way. I see it as personal preference.

I don't know.. Maybe I'm just crazy? Lol
I'm 17 by the way.


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  • Well I'm not here to stop your way of thinking, but can you handle being in a relationship with someone in the military?

    If they're deployed that's a lot of months alone for you, constantly worrying if they'll come back home or if something bad happened.

    It's a lot to consider, so if you do it at least make sure it's because you really love him and not just because he looks attractive in a uniform.


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  • I used to be. Date enough and join the military yourself and it'll solve it. I would never date one again. they're all the same. I don't even find them attractive anymore, but it used to be they were all I dated.


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  • it shouldn't matter what their job is?

    who fills your head w/ this bullshit?

    • jobs/career is a choice. sure, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. i find people who's job aligns with their passion a lot more appealing than one's who hate going to work everyday.

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    • No. It shouldn't matter what his job is, I will make my own money.

    • has nothing to do w/ money... i just see a bit more value in someone who's worked on themselves enough to be a chemist as opposed to an "associate" at walmart.

  • I'm a military man. In games.

  • I'm sorry you feel that way then


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  • There's Nothing wrong with that. Guys in the military are hot


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