What to say when asking a guy out?

I want to ask a guy out and I tried asking someone (i'm incredibly shy) to tell him but he didn't recieve the message -__- my friend forgot to ask him all day so that plan failed.

I always end up asking the guy out never the guy asking me, (i asked out all of my ex boyfriends) I tried this thime for the guy to make a move and nothing. Despite giving me all the signals and even other people noticing nothing has happened, I dont want to wait anymore so I wanna ask him face to face.

I'm incredibly awkward and my worst fear is that I stutter since I talk really fast and find it hard to put my feelings into sentences when I'm nervous. But what do I say to start with? As most likely my mind will go blank and I will have no idea what to say. Please help!!


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  • Why not collect your thoughts and write them down first.

    • Tried it and didn't help much :/

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