How to ask a married woman for more?

Yeah yeah i know I am terrible. Well F off please. Me and this woman really are into each other and have done some things already just not intercourse but i can't take the sexual tension anymore. I want to ask her for us to become more. she's unhappy with her husband and wants a divorce but he is fighting her for trying to stay together. Kina like in Taken 3 lol i just watched that. Any suggestions?


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  • If you're so into each other then why do you even have to ask tbh?

    • I don't want to be pushy plus our relationship started professionally and we still work together i dont want that to reflect anything.

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  • Might have to give her time to sort things out before it will go further, if she has a few drinks in her it might happen


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  • How about you find someone single or wait until she divorces her husband if she wants to be a cheater?

    These kinds of things make me lose hope in humanity.

    • They are seperated but he won't sign the stupid papers for a divorce. He is control freak and now he is loosing control of everything. Its a power thing to him. Their marriage is just a piece of a legal document.

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