How to ask a guy where "we" are going?

I've been talking to a guy I met off tinder for about a month now. We have slept together and stuff. He has asked me if could "have me" but during sex so Im not even sure what the context of the question really meant. He asked if I was talking to anyone else, I said no. He said he wasn't talking to anyone else too and that he deleted his tinder so it makes me think he may actually want to take this somewhere but im not exactly sure how to ask. I dont want to say the usual "what are we" but something along the lines of where is this going. I also don't even know if really wants it to go anywhere... im overthinking a lot and need outside opinions girl or guy lol


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  • I think it's safe to ask him what his plans for the future are. And if he says he is looking for someone to settle down with, then you ask him if he sees you in that future somehow.


What Girls Said 1

  • 1) Do u like him?
    2) Do u want date him?
    3) Are u ready to get hurt?

    • 1) i do
      2) i would be open to the possibility ( I haven't wanted a relationship for the past couple of years and have actually left situations where the guy wanted to become more serious)
      3) better now then later

    • Than take the risk and ask him if he wants to start a relationship!

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