Why are women incapable of handling criticism?

Any criticism of women is usually met with verbal abuse and I see this very often especially here. Like if a guy asks a question like "why are women so________" or you see a my take thats about feminism or critisizes habits or atitudes that the asker/OP has experienced or observed.

And the verbal abuse is always the same:
"He hates women"
"You're a misogynist"
"You have a small dick"
"You're ugly so you're butthurt and blame all women"

If you are offended by what the OP is saying you could simply ignore it there is no need to resort to verbal abuse and demeaining the asker/OP.


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  • Not all women react that way. I usually laugh cause it's probably true and plus it's so funny to see all the other girls get so mad lol


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  • I wouldn't say man are any more capable of handling criticism to be honest. I think some people are better than others, nothing to do with gender.

    • But you don't see guys making fun of a girl because she said something or criticized men.

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    • Sure but it's not a common thing. And sure maybe some guys have said mean things in response to criticism but I highly doubt they're worse than saying a guy has a small dick because they don't like his opinion.

    • Really? Come on mate, sounds like you've just got a personal chip on your shoulder. Man say awful things to women in response to criticism. Just as awful as women. It's about different people, not genders.

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