What does a girl mean when they say you have pretty eyes but then they never talk to you?

i need girls to be honest with me


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  • Oh I know a guy who could perfectly answer this question! lol I would do this because i am pissed off!

  • She thinks you have pretty eyes and thats it... dont take that as she wants to talk to you. She just gave you a compliment.

    • thank but now how do i talk to girls

    • Just be confident! Girls love a guy who can start a conversation and keep one going, but without being inappropriate/rude bc thts a total turn off! Just ask her questions about herself and talk about things that interest you too bc u dont wanna b with a girl whos not into the same things ur into bc u can't really relate. Just be yourself! she's probably waiting for u 2 start a conversation with her by the way. The best advice i can give u is to just be confident!

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