Can someone help me, I need relationship help?

Okay so there's this guy in my homeroom in school and he's really cute! and he's Mexican which is hot like him a lot I've liked him since the beginning of November we have been talking for a while and he's really nice and sweet he pays attention when I have to say something and he will deal with me talking about veganism he'll even let me play with his hair sometimes. I sit with him at lunch he's on the right side of me and my friend (who's a guy) since the beginning of the year sits next to me then there's two other guys at the table. Me and him will talk all lunch period I love talking to him he's so funny and sweet and nice. Then here's where the slightly bad part comes up. The other guys at the table start joking around saying that me and him would be a cute couple while I sit there and blush furiously covering my face with my hands in embarrassment. They start joking around with me asking me if I liked him or not while I just sat there not talking at all but they would keep it up and keep asking the same question over and over again and finally I just got fed up and just blurted out "YES! Okay, I fucking like him" then they all just sat there shocked including him then they all started asking a bunch of questions about it including him. *sighs* I hate my life. Turns out he likes this other girl that's in my homeroom also. *sighs* I don't think she likes him though cause when asked if she liked him she said maybe and I straight up said yes. And today at school she didn't dress how she normally does she looked like she just got out of bed tbh her hair was in a messy bun and her clothes looked a little raggety too. I got up early this morning I put on vanilla scented lotion, and I also put on my expensive Chanel perfume I'm trying to impress him it doesn't seem like she's trying at all. But I really like him and I want to be with him. He's really nice and sweet and I don't know what to do cause there's this other girl involved he said at lunch yesterday that I was


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  • Oh man, well at least he knows you like him. Did he deny liking you?

    • No he didn't deny it but my friend is insisting he ask him if he likes me, so I know if he does or not

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