Is it possible to meet a guy through his parents? I work with older people and this two has a son I'm interest in?

This 2 co workers has a kid, who is goodlooking and cute. The place I work is most of them older people, like people has sons or daughters of my age. So, I found one of the kids of my co workers is very cute. I don't know if it's possible to get to know someone through his parents. it would be weird I think. any thoughts?


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  • It's possible, every way to meet someone is valid. If his parents are the only way to meet him, then "use" his parents to meet him.

    • it would be weird though. and we are neighbors almost.

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    • This co worker has mentioned his kid already. And we are almost neighbors. And he told "oh, so u are my kid's age".

    • You could've asked who he is and said that it'd be nice to meet him.

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  • Go for it. It's not important how you meet. As long as you meet 😊

  • No, it wouldn't.


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