If a guy tells you about a ex trying to talk to him but then asks you over for dinner?

So me and this guy have known each other for about 3 months. We've become really good friends and see each other at least once a week as friends. About a month ago he added me on Facebook and we've been talking on there non stop since. For the last couple of weeks we've started to swap selfies (nothing explicit just funny faces haha!) He's even asked me over to his place for dinner. But what's confusing me is about two nights ago we were talking and he told me about his ex trying to talk to him and that she was playing mind games with him. He told me that she keeps telling him she loves him. But he told me they didn't mix well as a couple. I told him about my ex and how he used to play mind games too. After I told him this he then asked was I with anyone now. Then he invited me over to dinner again and said 'once you try my cooking you won't want to leave'. The next morning we swapped selfie's again and he said 'OMG you look WOW, you look very pretty, Can I have one of those everyday?' I don't get why he would tell me about his ex and then still invite me for dinner and say that about my selfie. Did he just want to vent about it? Or does he want her back? I'm confused?


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  • He's not over her


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