Guys, did I screw things up by being honest?

my crush and I have been doing the flirting game for over 2 months now and I am happy to keep it up but I think I screwed things up. I'm bipolar and have had it under control for a while now but I had a few bad days of it where I struggled to think let alone function. He hasn't seen that side of me before. I texted him trying to explain im different without telling him I'm bipolar. I was very complimentary to him about how he was a great guy for not making me feel stupid when I embarrass myself in front of him. Well I can't tell what his behavior has meant bc he all of a sudden started attending meetings with me that he had stopped coming to for a while. He has also spent extended time in my lab, more then normal. I also have bumped into him way moe than normal. But he seemed moody and most of the time wouldn't even say hi to me. So I finally got to the point today that I was making myself sick from the stress of it, so I texted him again. He has never responded by the way. But I apologized for bothering him and how I must have misread the situation. I told him there was a reason my emotions got away from me and maybe one day I'll share. I ended it by saying if u decide ur interested I promise I am worth ur time and I can bring a lot to the table. I still want to date him but it was the only way to relieve some of the pressure I've been feeling. He needs to step up. I'm struggling to keep my bipolar in check and need to focus on me not what did that action mean. Am I totally screwed? I'm trying but honesty is my policy and I do t want any misunderstandings.


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  • you didn't fuck up at all, you were basically being dead honest and it's a good thing, just try to explain the situation to him


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