Whats his deal with relationships?

I have been dating a guy for 8 months and we still aren't in a relationship. It didn't bother me to begin with but it has begun to frustrate me lately. We are pretty much in a relationship behaviour wise. Sexually exclusive. See each other three times a week. Are each others plus one to events. Know each others family. Have "our" songs and tv shows etc. He has told me in front of his mates that our relationship is more than just sex. But flat refuses to call me his girlfriend. I feel like I'm in some strange romantic limbo. More than casual less than a relationship. Can anyone shed some light on why he is such a commitment phobe? I adore this man he treats me extremely well but I want someone who is proud to call me their partner.


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  • You are giving him all the benefits of a relationships, sex etc, without asking him to define you as his girlfriend, so why would he bother with that label? I suggest a discussion about actually defining what you are to each other, otherwise stop with the "couple-like behaviour".


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